Structured Cabling Data / Voice / CCTV

A Structured Data Cabling System is a set of complete Cabling and connectivity products that integrates the voice, Data, Video and various Management Systems of a Building including Safety Alarms, Security, Energy Systems, etc). With Structured cabling you can rest assured that your phone and data cabling is consistent, safe and scalable. Structured Cabling provides single point for all administrative and management requirements making it easy to identify and expand the network for future requirements. We specializes in the Design and Installation of Structured Cabling Services in UAE.
Our state-of-the-art innovative R&D on the blown fiber & copper cabling systems enhance the customer needs with a secure and complete highspeed network infrastructure solution for data-center, enterprise & Fiber to Home and office application.

Our products regressly quality tested with International telecom and safety standards.

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